I'm attempting to get a OES Netware server to act as a PDC for our winxp stations. All seems to be
working fine, except it will only allow users in the Organization (say O=Novell) context to log in. If
the PDC object is deleted and a new one is created in a different context (say OU=Office, O=Novell)
it STILL only lets users in O=Novell log in (on a side note, only users created AFTER the PDC
configuration have ever been able to log in). I have the Universal Password Policy I created assigned
to both the O and OU's. If I create a new user in O=Novell, they can log in just fine, remembering
the PDC object is now in OU=Office, but any new user in the same context *still* cannot login. This
was a clean install of OES Netware in a new tree. Can it only authenticate users in a single context?
(or just the O?) If someone has attempted to do the same thing successfully, please let me know. Or
if someone knows that this is the only way it works, that'd be nice to hear too so I can stop working
on it.

Thanks in advance