After we upgraded some of our NW6 servers to OES-NW65, we have a problem
with a few of them. We keep getting red status on "Available Logical Space".

I thought that I found the solution in TID2971567. But when I try to unpack
the "nw65os3a.exe" file which the TID says I need to install, I get the
following error:

Continue extraction? y
*** Verifying ARJ-SECURITY envelope ... Valid envelope!
Extracting NW65OS3A OK
Extracting nw65os3a.txt OK
Extracting NW65OS3A\install.IPS OK
Extracting NW65OS3A\startup OK
Extracting NW65OS3A\system OK
Can't open NW65OS3A\startup\SERVER.exe
Skipped NW65OS3A\startup\SERVER.exe
Extracting NW65OS3A\system\portal.nlm OK
6 file(s)
*** Valid ARJ-SECURITY envelope signature:
*** Novell, Inc. R#100026

Found 1 error(s)!

Have anyone been able to unpack and install this patch ?.