We have a NW6.5sp3 server which gives critical warnings in the Health
Monitor. It's a machine with 5Gb memory and nw65os3a patch installed.

The Available Logical Space indicates that there is only 321Mb
available. When I click the link to the memory statistics, it seems
that there is plenty of space available.

Logical Address Space
Space Usage Actual Percent
In Use Kernel Space 1,421,041,664 65.2
Available Kernel Space 1,612,800,000 5.3
Fragmented Kernel Space 187,383,808 4.3
Reserved for User Spaces 752,869,376 17.5
Reserved for OS Data 320,872,448 7.4
Peak User Space 683,995,136 15.9
Total Address Space 4,294,967,296 100.0

-What's wrong with this machine?
-How can I trace the 321Mb back in the statistics?