Hi there,
I have a pair of badly configured netWare 6.5 servers that I am trying to
whip into some sort of shape. Both have been upgraded or migrated some
time ago but not by me. The F&P server was (probably) migrated from
NetWare 5.x and GroupWise was migrated from a NetWare 6.0 server. After
fixing some other problems, LDAP, Cetificate Server, Tomcat and Apache,
I'm getting C0001002 errors from the GroupWise server. Also when I look
at the licences on the F&P server it seems to report the correct number of
connections in Monitor, about 20, but when I look at the licence usage in
iManager I get about 50. Most of the licence usage reported in iManager
is from over a week ago, which is probably related to when I did one of
the "other fixes".

My current thought is to delete and reinstall the licences. Anybody got
any other advice or ideas?