I am having some trouble login in to the openSSH Admin utility. The error
returned is "User not Authorized". SSHD.nlm is loaded and running, I am a
member of the sshAdmn-Administrators. I removed myself and re-added
myself, but no luck. Everything else looks fine, Apache, tomcat, LDAP. Is
there somewhere else that I need rights to in order to log in. I could not
find anything else in the DOCS. I can log in to the apache manager using
ldap fine. Do I need to add the server to the openssh-servers? If so, how
do I accomplish that?

Any thoughts or advise is appreciated

NW65sp3 OES, eDir8735, LDAP version that shipped with OES. NWClient4.91,
Windows2ksp4 w/ IE6.