On one W2k Workstation running Console 1.3.6d, I renamed a user account
in the GroupWise view, and the users GroupWise information still
reflects the old name, and says it is possible that replication is still
in progress, and in the NDS veiw the user properties does not have the
GroupWise tab. Looking at the user properties on another W2k PC running
the same version of Consoleone shows the user with the correct GroupWise
information, and the GroupWise tab exists in the user properties, and
the user doesn't have any problems, and they show up correctly in the
address book. So I know the change is being made correctly but is not
seen correctly on my workstation. I have even copied the entire
ConsoleOne folder from the working workstation to my W2k workstation and
ran ConsoleOne from there and it still will no show the user correctly.
I have even reinstalled the Novell Client, and backreved it to 4.9 sp1
from 4.9 sp2. Is there anywhere else this information can be getting
cached on the local workstion?