I administer a NetWare 6.0 departmental file server in our own tree on a
large university LAN (mostly Windows servers but also Linux and four NetWare
trees.) DHCP serving is done by the university central IS office so I have
no control over the clients IP addresses.

Three offices log in on our server and each office is on a different subnet.
I recently began specifying an IP address range in Network Address
Restrictions as per TID 10057948 and it has worked perfectly for nearly
every client. But four clients have had problems. The restrictions are all
the same xxx.yyy.zzz.0 where zzz is the subnet of the department. In
general, the IP addresses that were excluded are from the higher end, like
xxx.yyy.zzz.242 or xxx.yyy.zzz.164. All the PCs get the same subnet mask:

I found a temporary workaround by entering the PC current IP address in the
location restriction and that has worked for a week, but I'm afraid that
they will get another IP address some morning and won't be able to login

Any advice on why this is happening or how to stop it would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Mike Knoerzer