Hello everyone,

I'm preparing a presentation on Information Security Incident Response,
and one question I want to answer is the location of various log files on
a NetWare box. Anyone know of a comprehensive list of log filenames and
paths for NetWare as well as other Novell products?

I haven't really been hands-on administering NetWare for about 2 years,
but I still recall some of the main log file names and locations.
However, there are so many logs spread out all over the place (and
different versions of packages have a tendency to move the log locations),
so I'm hoping someone has already compiled such a list. If you haven't,
but would like to post the default log locations for the packages you are
running on your NetWare box, I'll compile a list and post back to the list.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Chris Meyer - MCNE, CISSP