I work for the Department of Residence Life at the University of Wisconsin
- Oshkosh. We're seeing that we're one of the few remaining universities
to allow annonomous logins in the labs in our residential buildings. We
maintain a netware tree for our staff users but the student accounts are
managed by the academic computing department on campus (this is a similar
setup accross many universities). So what we're looking to do is require
student logins in our labs and get rid of the current generic account
system. We'd like to maintain our own applications and Zenworks stuff in
our labs so giving the academic computing people full control of the labs
and computer images can't happen. Does anyone have any suggestions on the
best way to do this? Is it easiest to just set LDAP contextless login to
point at the academic tree? Should we duplicate users? We have a pretty
good relationship with the other department on campus however we don't have
direct access to their tree. How can we set it up so that each student
logs in with their own credentials (so we can track logins) and still
maintain control over our labs?