Is there a feasible way to grant users enough Rights to change their
own Personal Information. That would be givenName, fullName, surName
and initials. I searched and tried much, but by now the only solution I
know would be granting full admin-rights.

Reason: Our trainees change the department evere 6 Month or so, while
Login-Credentials and E-Mail-Addresses should stay with the
departments. Since Addresses like "Trainee DeptX"
<Trainee.DeptX@example.com> don't look so well, I fill in the
Novell-personal information with the realnames of the trainees.
Furthermore we use LDAP to fetch the Personal Information from NDS an
fill in the contact persons Name, Telephone, Department, etc. in

It would be much easier, if the trainees could just fill in their
personal information through the Novell Client (Rightclick - User
Administration - Personal Information) when they change departments.

Any help is appreciated.


PS: We use german Netware Clients, so some Words may be translated
incorrectly. You'll shurely know what I mean.