I've searched the forums and knowledge base as best as I could, but I'm not
quite sure how to phrase my problem. If anyone here could help, it would be
much appreciated.

Some of my users are experiencing large (2-3+ minute) delays when opening
large network drives. We're running Netware 6.5. The client workstations
are Windows XP SP2. It is a user issue; two different users will experience
different access times on the same workstation.

For example, our company's shared drive is mapped to K:. When the user
first accesses the K: drive, the names of the files and folders show up
quickly, but there is a huge lag before any user input is recognized (mouse
clicks, etc). Once in the K: drive, smaller folders are accessed fairly
quickly, but folders containing a large amount of data also take a while to
load, though in the thirty second to one minute range, rather than 2+
minutes. It's not just a problem of directory size, as only a very few
users experience the problem. For regular users, access to these large
directories is always under ten seconds, usually only two or three.

I did a bit of sniffing on the wire. Using the same workstation, I logged
in as a user without the problem and opened a large folder on the K: drive.
Then I opened the same folder as a user with the problem. Without going
into the thousands of packets I recorded, I immediately noticed this:

As a user without the problem, I recorded a total of ~6,500 packets,
opening the folder.

As a user with the problem, I recorded a total of ~114,500 packets, opening
the folder.

The vast, vast majority of the packets I recorded were NetWare Core
Protocol "Obtain File or SubDirectory Information" requests and responses.
It seems, admitedly I haven't gone through all one hundred and fourteen
thousand packets, that the users with the problem are attempting to
retrieve information for every single file and subdirectory on the K:
drive, while the users without the problem are requesting a far smaller
subset. This would also explain the fairly fast access time for smaller
directories (directories with few subdirectories), where perhaps both sets
of users are requesting a similar amount of information.

Does this sound reasonable? Is there a way I can stop it? Does anyone have
any idea why some users would be experiencing it? There are only a handful
that are, most of them are new, but I can't think of anything that has
changed in our environment that would cause something like this.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.