My site is a traditional Novell shop: workstations, Novell clients on workstations, GroupWise, Zen 6.5, and Netware at HQ and frame sites. I'm wondering if it's time to consider removing the client and using alternate methods (netstorage, iFolder, etc).

Anyone out there at a shop with no Novell clients in use? Challenges, benefits, drawbacks?

I have no real issues with the client, but using the MS Client for MS networks and the Novell client really places a drag on the PC (done all the various tricks to improve performance). We need the MS client as we have apps that require it.

Basically I just need to provide drive access, a home directory, GW, and Zen. As long as I can provide drive letters, I can live without the client for my users. I use NetStorage for my remote users. It's okay but I wouldn't consider it a replacement for HQ users.

Comments/recommendations/suggestions welcome.