I've been trying to secure my OES Netware servers a bit more and came across
the cool solution 15059. It's very good, but it has some gaps that I'm
hoping someone may be able to fill. I would like information of the
function of the following ports and what to do about them if known.

www-ldap-gw (1760/tcp)
sieve (2000/tcp)
veritas-ucl (2148/tcp)
wbem-https (5989/tcp)
abarsd (8402/tcp)
cvd (8400/tcp)
unknown (846/tcp)
ideafarm-chat (902/udp)
ideaform-catch (903/udp)
unknown (904/udp)
unknown (961/udp)
mysql (3306/tcp)
unknown (289/tcp)
busboy (998/tcp)
dab-sti-c (1076/tcp)
cplscrambler-lg (1086/tcp)
nicelink (1095/tcp)
rootd (1094/tcp)
sybaseanywhere (2638/tcp)
rmpp (1121/tcp)

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,