Hey all,

This is really stupid but it is bothering me. I know with all the technology we have there has to be a way to do it but, until now, I haven't asked.

I work nearly a hour away from where I live. Like most techs, I do A LOT of remote management, upgrades, updates, patches, etc., on the servers. From time to time, more times than I care to remember, things just get HUNG and the only way to do ANYTHING on that server is to physically power it down and back up again. I have to drive 2 hours, round trip, to simply stand there, press the button, and leave.

I have Dell Poweredge 2650 and 2850 servers with something called Remote Lights out administration that I never really had time to figure out how to get it to work, so it doesn't.

Is there some way, that anyone knows of, to cheaply press a power button, twice!