> I have two servers running 6.5 Sp2. Yesterday I went into ConsoleOne
> found that all but a very few minor instances of one of my servers are
> gone. Almost as if the server was never even there. The server is up
> and running, it hasn't reported any errors and ConsoleOne when run from
> this server works fine. Everything is where it should be. When I run
> ConsoleOne from my desktop or the other server, there's no objects that
> refer to this 'mssing' server. The 'missing' server is also the
> Groupwise server as well as a File server that maps drives for people as
> they login. Groupwise still works, the drive mapping does not. I
> rebooted the server and maybe ten minutes after it was done rebooting, I
> was able to see it in ConsoleOne again, as if nothing had ever

> I'm not sure how long I was able to do this for, but when I came back in
> today, it was gone again. An associate said I should run a full
> DSRepair...what does everyone else think?

Definately run a full unattended repair on both servers as ConsoleOne is
just reporting what the replica on the server that you are hitting says is
there. If objects do not show up or have question marks then you might
have a schema problem, sync problem or bad bad links. Post this in the
EDirectory forum and they should be able to help you resolve it.