Okay, NRM actually does a pretty good job in NW 6.5.3 with inventory
reports in terms of speed and what we want.

It does NOT have duplicate files (and I cannot seem to find a GOOD
duplicate file program other than workstation-based stuff that takes
forever to scan the server volume and then it takes forever to print a
report). Granted, our Home volume has like 11 million files on it.
Anyone know of a SERVER-based one? (ie, NLM)?

Also, CAN you save the NRM reports? We'd like to email the reports to
the bosses to see how our space is being used, but the HTML files seem
to NOT show the graphs (they LOVE the graphs).

And we don't want to give them rights or explain how to do this via NRM.

I found something about trying to export to CSV via Excel, but that
doesn't seem to work at all.

I tried using SNagit to capture the scrolling window, but then I get a
"long" 1 page report and you can't print just a certain section out.

Any ideas or suggestions for even third-party stuff? Server-based?