Hi all!

I know this is not entirely a Netware question but frankly I'm at my wits
end. I don't handle the routers/switches/DHCP only the NW6.5sp2 servers.

When DHCP was being handled by windows 2000 server running on some old
laptops on the network, we never experienced problems getting an IP. The
laptops started breaking and so the network folks decided that a solution
to the problem, being that there was no money, was to implement DHCP at
the switches and have the switches hand out IPs (switches are Allied
Telesyn AT-SP48s and using STP with fast-port switching off). Around the
time of the switchover we started experiencing clients unable to obtain
an IP immediately on boot. If they wait a while anywhere from 5-15
minutes they will eventually obtain an IP. The problem is not isolated
to one or two workstations but happens very sporadically. The problem
is that around the same time I implemented SLP and also migrated a NW5.0
server to NW6.5. I am not running DHCP or DNS on my servers as this is
handled by the network folks. So the game begun of finger pointing. I
say its the switches, they say its Netware. My department is the only
one running Netware all the other departments are on Windoze. My
department is segmented. The other departments are not experiencing the
problem. I have looked at all my configurations to make sure that my
servers are not conflicting anywhere and I just can't seem to come up
with anything. So, I'm posting here to see if anyone can give me ANY
piece of advice. Even wild speculations will help.