Does anyone here have any ideas what might be going on? We a running a
NetWare 6.5 server SP3 on a generic HP DL380 G3 server. Fairly standard
setup from what I can see. We copied a directory on to the DATA1 volume
into the following path: \DEV1\DATA\EVERYONE. Directory is
called “ZMM0026 Daily Reports.” Nothing special, right? Well, using
Windows Explorer, the directory copies over fine and you can see it the
other Window as it copies and after it finishes. But, the minute you
refresh the pane or close out of Explorer, the directory disappears!
Never to be seen again! It’s visible in DOS and in the File open/Lock
activity portion of the Server Console Monitor, but not in FILER!! What

What is weirder still is that we copied not one but two additional
directories into that same location (each with slight modifications to the
name (such as “ZMM0026a Daily Reports”) and after the second one got
copied, all three showed back up! Both in Explorer and in FILER!

No, we are not smoking crack out here…

Any help would be appreciated.

Regards –