Hi, How can I shut off some of the console screens currently there are
13 screens to choose from can I limit that to just the screens I need?

Also, I have a department here who has a data base manager who needs
access to my Novell server because he creates and manages two databases
that reside on my server for my faculty and staff these in order for him
to be able to copy to the server from his SQL server and for him to
access all faculty folders on the H:\ drive of my server he has been
given equvalent to admin.

Over the months since doing so I have had several mysterious things
happen on my new server that no one seems to understand how it happen.
How can I restrict him without impacting his access to do what he needs
to do. He is in to every unimaginable hacking tool and downloading of
illegal software. This guy is bad news any sugggestions?