having a few intermittent problems with out main file server, nw6.5sp2,
traditional file system, upgraded from 5.1. It doesn't abend but just locks
up and then straightens itself out. So this has been the catalyst in
learning more about memory, cache, etc and to get some baseline numbers to

We have kept the server defaults for min 500 and max 2000 directory cache
buffers (actually our max default is 2500). I am reading in "Server Memory
for NetWare Administration Guide for OES (February 28, 2005) " that this
might not be appropriate for a high use scenario (I would say we are
med-high to high for this server). On monitor, general screen, the
directory cache buffers is always at the max of 2500. We have 3 namespaces
and the potential for a 4th (nfs) if we ever go to NSS.

Now for my question --- in the server memory guide
there is this formula for figuring your optimum min and max directory

# of name spaces x highest # of directory cache buffers since restart =
minimum cache buffers (I am assuming they meant directory cache buffers)

minimum cache buffers + 100 = maximum cache buffers.

But the example they had doens't follow the formula so I am wondering if the
formula is wrong or the example. the example:

2 X 500 = 1000
2000 + 100 = 2100 (where did the 200 come from?)

With the formula, my min.directory cache buffers should be at 75,000. Does
this sound right to anyone? not sure what the max should be until i
understand the formula.

Thank you.