I am Migrating a NW 6.5 sp2 server in my production tree to a newer server
with NW 6.5 sp3 in a temporary tree. I have updated the new server with
nw650s3a.exe and n65nss3a.exe without error. I have created a valid
Arcserve Backup as well as created a valid PortLock image of the old

The question is, The old server is a Traditional Volume and the new server
is NSS, will I be able to migrate successfully to the new server? Or, do
I need to create a Traditional Volume on the new server and once I migrate
over using the Migration wizard 8.0, use another tool to transfer it to a
NSS Volume?
This Old server is not the Master server in my network. I have four
other Netware 6.5 Sp 2 servers in the production tree. It is important
for the new server to assume the exact role of the old (Name and Address).