When I create a user with iManager no "Remaining grace logins" is not an
available option but it automatically sets it to 6 when I check in
nwadmin32 or ConsoleOne. This happens creating a user with or without

When I create a user with nwadmin32 or ConsoleOne "Remaining grace
logins" is available and works properly with the UserTemplates.

I can not modify the option because it is not available in iManager.
These were templates carried over from the years of migration from 2.x
to 6.x.

If I create a new template in iManager the option is NOT available either.

If I create a user without a Template, ""Remaining grace logins" is

So the bottom line does anyone know of this BUG and how to fix it? I use
iManager Roles for our HelpDesk team via many templates. It really
snooker us. Now I have to review all the accounts and set the "Remaining
grace logins" back to the proper setting in nwadmin32 or

Novell NetWare 6
Support Pack Revision 05
(C) Copyright 1983-2003 Novell Inc.
Server Version 5.60.05 May 27, 2004
Novell eDirectory Version
and iManager 2.0.2