Hi Bruce,

I have a sys volume out of space. I can not complete the nw6sp5 upgrade.
How can I access to server to remove files in sys volume? Before I upgrade
nw6sp5, I failed to upgrade edir 873 and ds.nlm is not able to load. I
cannot connect to server from a workstation to delete files in sys volume.
I am getting to nowhere. This is our DNS server.


Wai Chu

"Brett Jarcevic" <bjarcevic@nospam.com.au> wrote in message
> Is your email on SYS? If so have you thought about relocating this to
> another volume that has plenty of disk space? You will need to move the
> email to another VOL,
> edit the paths in POA and MTA files, you will need to ammend this in
> grpwise.ncf
> regards
> P.S Backup first
> <bruce@comp.com> wrote in message
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>> Hi,
>> We upgraded our GroupWise server to 6.5sp4. Now my SYS Vol is at 94%
>> full. Does anyone know what directories/folders are needed for SYS? For
>> instance, there may be some folders that a consultant or whatever made
>> for temporary purposes and never deleted. Also, I'm assumming if there
>> are two NLMs that are the same (except one has an NLM1 extension) that
>> means that NetWare automatically renamed it in case of problems during
>> upgrades, etc... Can these be safely deleted?
>> Any help with cleaning up would be greatly appreciated. All I've done so
>> far was a purge.
>> Thank you
>> Bruce