Using Novell 6.0/6.5
We have a need for an Non-admin User(s) to access to server console (down
the server, printers, clear connections etc) We use the scrsave to secure
the screen.

We have assigned a console operator by doing the following, but this does
not allow the user to unlock the scrsave.nlm screen saver.
"In NWadmn32 or ConsoleOne, select a server object and go to its details.
Select the operator tab and choose the users you wish to have access to
the server console"

the error message from the 6.5 Screensaver Screen states "user is not a
console operator or does not have sufficient right to the server object"

The Netware documentation states user must be one of the following
1: Console Operator
2: Member of a group 'console operator' with Read right to [all attribute
Rights] of the server object
3: Trustee of the Server object having with Write right to the ACL
property of the Server Object.

Solution 1: In it self does not allow the scrsaver to be unlocked
Solution 2: The Read right only does not allow the scrsaver to be
unlocked. If you give the Write right. you can unlock the Console, but the
user now has full access to the file system, which is un-acceptable
Solution 3: Giving Write Right to the ACL gives full access to the file
system which is unacceptable.

Is there a way to assign a console operator that does not have full admin
rights to the Novell Server?