During edir 873 installation I encountered ldap error.

"error occurred installing product ldap. error descriptors no referrals"

The ports 389 and 636 are neither shown in the TCPCON.

But I can find these 2 ports number displayed in the LDAP SERVER object in

When I telnet ipa 389. I got connection error.
"unable to connect the host, port 389."

This server runs nw6.0sp5 and edir 87.

I attempt to reinstall 873 from nwconfig. reinstallation cannot be done. I
update the schema through nwconfig. but it does not help to fix the

I delete and recreate the LDAP server and LDAP group objects in consoleone.
It does not help too.

Any idea. How can to get these port 389 and 636 to work for me?

Wai Chu