I'm not sure which forum would best handle this query, so I'll toss it out
here and see what happens...

My network services close to 300 users and for the most part, everything
works fine. We have the latest version of the client installed on almost
all the machines, although this doesn't seem to be client version specific.
And while it's not a problem, per se, it's a definite annoyance.

It has to do with the right-click action in Windows.

With the client installed, logged into Netware, you right-click an icon [on
the Desktop, in the Quick Launch bar, doesn't matter], the station seems to
freeze for a number of seconds before displaying the menu options.

With the client installed, logged into Windows *only*, you right-click an
icon and there is no lag... the menu pops up immediately.

What is the client doing?? I haven't gone digging through every single
client option [yet], I was hoping that someone else was equally as annoyed
by this and knows of a solution.

As always, I thank you all for your help and suggestions.