I am going to change a r/w replicate to a master replica in a child

Can anyone tell me whether this can be done from dsrepair? Will
there be any adverse effect if I do so?

The reason why I attempt to do it is because I got edir error ( -634 no
referrals ) in the server which holds a r/w replica in this child partition.
This server runs nw6.0sp5. In this child partition that has no master
replica, I have 3 servers that hold respectively a r/w replica and 2
subordinate references.

I have 3 partitions in this network. The parent partition is root, which
has 2 child partitions. I have 2 master replicas, one resides in the root
partition and another in one of the child partitions.

Would appreciate your comments on above.

Wai Chu