There have been many posts about the dreaded 8804 error. But none seem
to apply to me. See if this makes sense to anyone.

Recently migrated from NW5.0 to NW 6.5. Everything looks great.
However, I have a few users who get that 8804 error when mapping drives
via a login script. What is maddening about the situation is that the
Login Script comes from the container. And other users is the same
container CAN login on these machines successfully. In addition to
this, occassionally the 8804 errors go away for a day or two.

I have checked rights assignments, all are OK. The fact that these
users CAN occasionally login in fine tells me that things are setup OK.
The fact that other users can reliably login on their machines tells me
that the client is NOT the problem.

Does ANYONE have a clue as to what is happening? I am almost to the
point of having to recreate their user objects. I don't want to
because of the work involved with GroupWise being associated ( I can do
it, but it's a long piece of work).