unsure if this is the correct forum for this issue...but here goes.

my machine, windows 2000sp4+
client 4.91sp1
i am logged in as the admin account for our tree

server is nw65sp3 plus various post sp3 patches that I am unable to
list from memory

nss volume = USERS
folder = SHARED\5th Grade
five files are visible.

i goto to our backup, copy and paste the 37 missing files, and Windows
tells me that for each one, they are already there.

i can still only see 5 files, even after refreshing.
they are not hidden, as I have those options turned on and can see
other hidden files.
open up EDIT on the server, it can see 7 files in the folder. I can
still only see 5.
monitor, file/open lock activity, see's 42 files.

any clue as to why I can not see the missing files that are actually