I work at a high school where our server is running Netware 6 SP5 and
Zenworks 4.01 ir6. We are using Console One 1.3.5.

A few months ago our student server's SCSI hard drives died. We didn't
have any backup software so we had to restart from scratch. We had a
backup of the servers DS because we had a replica of it stored on our
Central Office server so we were at least able to get back the DS

Our experienced tech helped me out with the process as I was new. Before
the server crashed the name of our Server was BSCH_LAB.

When we had to re-do the server from scratch we installed Novell and he re-
named the server as BSCH_LAB2. A few weeks later he re-named the server
back from BSCH_LAB2 to BSCH_LAB. He removed all entries that were linked
to BSCH_LAB2. He edited the autoexec.ncf file so that the name of the
server is BSCH_LAB and no longer BSCH_LAB2.

Everything seemed to be working fine until I got a new SCSI hard drive in
for our Server. I downed the server and put in the hard drive, put the
hard drive on-line and then powered the server up. I have installed SCSI
hard drives in the past for new volumes and was able to use Console One to
create partitions and volumes on the new hard drives with no problems
using the Disk Management tools.

However, when I opened Console One to create a partition and volume on
this new SCSI hard drive, I right clicked the BSCH_LAB server object in e-
directory, I chose Disk Management and then Devices and it didn't bring up
the Disk Management Tools like it did in the past, but it gave me an error
message saying "Could Not Bring Up Server The Properties for BSCH_LAB2."

The server is no longer BSCH_LAB2 but as mentioned above it was renamed
back to BSCH_LAB.

What could be causing the problem? Is there any TID's out there about
this problem?

I read that by right clicking the server object which is BSCH_LAB and
choosing properties and then going to the General Tab, by deleting the
Other Name which shows up as BSCH_LAB2 should fix the problem.
Unfortunately, I can't remove the Other Name.

Thanks! Brad