Hi Jiri,

Jiri Cervenka schrieb:
> Hello,
> I'd like to ask, if there is a way how to get user name to linux proxy
> server squid. My LDAP database is running on netware 6.0 and I'm able to
> search it from linux (debian sarge, ldapsearch). But when I try to
> connect to it using squid_auth_ldap I get this error:
> squid_auth_ldap[10267]: - trying to connect to: myldap.server:389
> squid_auth_ldap[10267]: - connected to ldapServer myldap.server.cz:389
> squid_auth_ldap[10267]: - ready
> squid_auth_ldap[10263]: - got User: cervenka
> squid_auth_ldap[10263]: - got Password: somethink
> squid_auth_ldap[10263]: - searchstr:
> (&(|(objectClass=inetOrgPerson)(objectClass=alias) ) (| (cn=cervenka)))

(&(&(objectClass=person)(cn=%s)) groupMembership=cn=wwwallow,o=novell))

This is search argument of my file and it works.

> squid_auth_ldap[10263]: - start searching for cn: cervenka
> squid_auth_ldap[10263]: - search done
> squid_auth_ldap[10263]: - user "cervenka", not found!
> squid_auth_ldap[10263]: - usr cervenka -> Cannot find user!
> Any help would be very apreciated.
> I'd like to also ask whether is posible to get user informations from
> novell client for windows XP.
> My idea is following.
> User logged at windows workstation want to access some web page -> this
> request is redirected to squid -> squid gets informations about user
> logged at workstation -> in squid's logs is now username instead of ip
> address.
> The last question is about user logging.
> I'like to ask whether exists some tool, that is able to export
> informations about users logged to server to some text or html file.
> I want know who, where and when was logged at certain workstation.
> Thank you for any help.

Mfg Marco