I have a master replica server, running nw6 sp5, which holds a copy all
replicas within the tree. There are about 30 replica's with a total db
size of about 80mb. The server has been running fine until a couple of
issues with server restarts caused by applications. The restart did not
register in abend log, but exited to debug mode and had to be restarted.
Now I see a very High consumption on the ds.nlm of about 210 +mb. I have
completed ds repairs but the issue does not resolve itself. I have
noticed within the log that there are unkown objects. I tried to reset
global schema but that did not work. The corrupt objects seem to be
radius objects. There are intermittent issues with authentication via
radius related to policy errors, and the DAS objects seem to be the
unknowns class objects when browsing schema. Could this be causing high
memory consumputions and what are recommendations to resolve?

DSrepair log:

Total Objects = 2308, UNKNOWN class objects = 11, Total Values = 118883
[2 of 32] Read Write : OU=USA.O=top.T=company