Hello everybody,
we want to change from a mixed IPX / TCPIP network to a pure TCPIP network.
On the windows side we have migrated all Clients.
But I have the following problem:
We are using Symantec DriveImage to put Images on a new PC. We boot the PC
with a DOS disk and connect to a Netware server via IPX. It works fine.
We have also tested the Novell TCPIP Client to do that, but the
performance is very bad.
At the moment I make tests with the Microsoft Dos TCPIP Client.
I connect with that client to a Netware 6.0 SP5 Server, where the Native
File Access Pack is running. If I am connected I can put a image on my pc,
but I am not able to write the image back to the server, but I have
read/write access to the directory.
Have anybody an idea, why it is not working?

Many thanks