Sorry for the length of this post!

We've been having a lot of problems with C1 lately. We're running C1
v1.36d with all of the latest snap-ins for our products (GW 6.5 SP3, eDir
8.7.3, ZfD 4.01b ir 5 etc). Recently we moved the server holding GWIA
into our DMZ. Right now all tcp and udp ports are enabled between the
server in the DMZ and the various post offices on the inside of the
firewall. However, now we are getting 8819 Server Connection lost errors
when switching between trees in C1. In addition, we are also
getting "the Groupwise information for this object does not exist. A
possible cause is that replication is still in progress" or
Error: "TREE/User.OU.O is missing the following attribute: NGW Post
Office" when accessing user objects. I've read the TIDs on these
problems but can't resolve the issue.

Both trees are running the same version of eDirectory (8.7.3) and
Zenworks but run different versions of Groupwise (GW 6 SP4 vs GW 6.5
SP3). Both TREEs have different versions of Netware running (NW 5.1, 6,
6.5 and OES)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.