I banged on this same thing for a while until I realized that it was
Apache. . .

edit sys:\apache2\conf\httpd.con

look for SERVERNAME. . .

It showed my pre-migration name of the new server. . .

Change it to the correct server name. . . do a AP2WEBDN, and AP2WEBUP,
and VOILA! Remote Console and iMANAGER work with DNS name of the

Thanks for the clue about IP Address-I was banging on the idea it was
LDAP that was broken. . .

Tell a friend.

QUOTE=rwalle@zonnet.nl]> Using IE 6, Windows 2000 and XP SP2. When
accessing all of our 6.5
> servers, if I use the DNS name of the server I get this error.

> Error! Username or Password invalid. Please try again.
> If I use the IP address it works fine.
> HPSIM also does not work correctly using the DNS name.
> Is this a JAVA issue?

Did you set your DNS suffixes correctly ?. Advanced tpc/ip settings