Suddenly without any warning on this past Monday our Novell 6.5 sp3
server has started behaving very strangely.

The first indication that something was wrong was that users started
reporting that when they tried to save a file to the network they would
get the message "Disk is full, Delete files to make space" The disk
space however is still 50% free with approx 500 GB. Also, we have not
put any user quotas on disk space. Then when the users try to access
files they sometimes become corrupt or simply dissapear from the disk.
We thought that maybe we needed to purge the DATA volume because we had
never done that before so we did that and removed thousands of deleted
files, however that didn't seem to help. This issue is a strange one
because it only happens intermittently and unexpectedly.

Any hints or suggestions here would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,