We have a two node cluster that was set up for us by an outside consultant
and has been running NW6sp4 for over a year now without this problem. A
couple of days ago, first one server and then the other, then both at once
has a red flag for time sync.

The servers are set up in a single/secondary time sync configuration and
both are configured with the IP address of the same two NIST time servers,
in the same order. I watched the time sync screens together and the server
set as the secondary only uses one of the two time servers while the server
set as the single uses both. One NIST time server pings in an average of 0ms
the other pings in an average of 46ms.

Could this be the cause of the problem maintaining sync?

Is restarting the timesync.nlm a reasonable next step?

Can I safely unload and reload timesync.nlm or use the TIMESYNC RESET and
TIMESYNC RESTART to restart the timesync.nlm without shuttting down the

Thanks for any information you might provide.

Mike K.