We are having a synchronization problem with our two servers, which is
causing some minor problems with our network. When I am in DSREPAIR and
check Synchronization statusit states:

Partition: .[Root]
Replica: .server2.xx.yyyy 10-24-2005 9:06:44
Replica: .server1.xx.yyyy 9-30-2005 7:17:10
Server: CN=server2.OU=xx.O=yyyy 10-24-2005 9:06:44 -699 Remote
Object: [Root]

All servers synchronizaed up to time 9-30-2005 7:17:10 Warning

Server1 is the server everyone logs into. I have run DSREPAIR on both
servers and scheduled immediate synchonizationa and rebooted, but can not
get this to synch up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.