Hi All,

I have Novell 6.5 sp2 installed ona server in one of my school buildings.
IN the loggin script all of the students are to have an H: drive mapped to
their network folder. Students are able to access the drive if they go
through the F:sys\student\<their folder> without problem. The issue is
that some of the students are too young to have to do this. Up until 2
weeks ago the H drive was mapped fine. That changed after I installed 2
new computers with the newest client 4.91 sp1. I downgraded the new
computers to 4.9sp2 like all the other clients without success.

Is there some kind of setting in the 4.91sp1 client that is going to force
me to upgrade all of the client computers to this version?

Any help would be appreciated.

Paul Bruschi
Technology Director