I am trying to gather total memory, memory utilization, NIC utilization,
and CPU utilization for a NetWare 6.5 SP2 server that I can trend over a
period of time. The tool set I have at my disposal is: spectrum,
concord, Insight manager agents 7.40a, HP file server hardware. I would
like to try and use this tool set to gather this trending information.
Currently I am able to gather 3 of the 4 (total memory, cpu utilization
and nic utilization) using Insight Manager and snmp mibs. I am working
with HPQ on this but as of now they have no solution.

An interssting point is I can gather all 4 pieces of information from
Windows using the above described toolset but not for NetWare.

Does anyone have any ideas? maybe an NLM I can use to gather the data and
send it via snmp to one of the tool sets desrcibed above.