Configure VPN on the server as:
load ce100b slot=1 frame=ethernet_ii name=vlan_adapter_ii
load iANS vlanid=23 frame=ethernet_ii name=vlan_5_ii team=1
load iANS vlanid=1 frame=ethernet_ii name=vlan_1_ii team=1
bind iANS vlan_adapter_ii team=1
load iANS commit team=1
bind ip vlan_5_ii addr= mask=ff.ff.FF.0
bind ip vlan_1_ii addr= mask=ff.ff.ff.0

COnfigure switch as:
ports: 1....10 and 12.....24 vpnid=1
ports: 1 and 11 vpnid=23

Any stations have not access to the server..

Server have LAN CARD: PRO/100+ Server adapter
(82550 729757-006)

MAy be any body can help ?