I'm searching for a way to automatically backup the contents of user's
data (all data in the "My Documents" folder). We have setup a batch file
with an icon on the desktop that copies everything to their user
directory on the NW server. The problem is 1) Users almost never
remember to click the backup icon. 2)the batch program takes forever to
copy the programs b/c the virus protection checks every file that gets

We would like a simple way to copy the contents automatically w/o user
intervention. Also, this is a one-way backup, it always goes from the
user's My Documents to the user's backup folder on the server. We
purchased the ZENworks 6.5 suite and I review the iFolder function, but
we really don't want anything that complicated. Please advise on a way
to "synchronize" the folder, so for instance, when a user logs in, it
checks and backs up files if necessary w/o them having to do anything.