We are seeing a very interesting issue and I was hoping someone might
have seen and fixed this before. The scenario is as follows:

1. User opens up a file from a NetWare volume
2. User leaves the workstation for awhile and the PC power save kicks in
3. The user gets a message that connection to the volume has been lost
and they try to resave the file to the volume and cannot.

This only happens when the user is not authenticated to a domain. When
logging into an AD domain the problem does not happen whether or not the
file exist on a NetWare volume or NT share.

If the user logs in locally, this occurs everytime after the PC power
management kicks in. We cannot turn it off because the client wants it
on to save energy and many users leave their files open frequently.

We have turned off Watchdog packets at the server with no effect.

Anyone have any ideas?