I have a query relating to the macs connected to our Netware 6.5 server. I
can't identify which newsgroup is the best to post this query in. I've
posted it here, in the hope that someone can help, or direct me to the
relevant newsgroup.

We run a Netware 6.5 (SP3) server. This network has about 25 PCs and 25 Macs
attached. The Macs are a variety of OS X and OS 9.

At about 11 am this morning, the Macs stopped being able to connect to the
netware server.

Other PCs on the same network segment as the Macs, and in the building can
login fine, with no problems.

There are no errors or unusual messages in the system console.

The Macs that can't connect can connect to our Email server and external
networks. Proving, in my opinion that TCP/IP connections work.

There have been no changes that I am aware of to the server, and no software
has, it appears, been loaded on any of the Macs.

I hope someone can help! Or direct me to a place I can get help.

Thanks very much