Has anyone seen this before?

User copied two folders to a server minutes apart. When browsing the
server, user saw the timestamp between the two folders was one hour apart.
We, the admins, tested this morning by creating folders on the server with
nothing noticable. Everything was perfectly fine.

User also reported this morning that the problem has gone away. User is
irate that we have to figure out what's wrong with the server. (Our server
is fine, and the time settings are correct reflecting daylight savings
time, time zone, etc.) DS time synchronization is perfect.

Has anyone seen this and if so, what do we look at to verify that time is
okay? I've never seen such a problem and I'm convinced it was the user's
workstation that was causing problems. But until we give concrete answers,
we'll get flak from this user.

By the way, the user (as all of our users do) was using AFP and not the
Novell Client.