There was a NetWare product, sometime in the past 5 years, that
automatically synchronized files from one server to another. You could
configure this product from NWAdmin or ConsoleOne (i.e. it wasn't a CRON

Here's what we need to do:

1. Automatically synchronize server log files from approx. 50 seperate
servers all onto one server (a log file storage server).

2. We want the files to automatically get copied/synched over to the LOG
FILE SERVER into a directory structure sorted by date (month to month)

e.g. VOL1:\2005\March\

so that we can find and view them by date immediately when necessary.

3. The log files need to be compressed (eventually or immediately, doesn't
matter) to help save disk space. We forsee approx. 11 - 12 years of log
files stored on the LOG FILE SERVER before we ever started deleting any

So what's the best, most automated, most reliable way to do this?