I'm trying to use ldap search and ldap modify against a Netware 6 sp5
server. Whe I use the command:

ldapsearch.exe -h IP address -p 389 -b "cn=xxx,o=xxxx"
-D "cn=sxxxxxx,ou=xx,o=xxxx" -w password -v
I get the error confidentiality required. I assume that it is talking
to the server to generate the error. So I changed it to:

ldapsearch.exe -h IP address -p 636 -b "cn=xxx,o=xxxx"
-D "cn=sxxxxxx,ou=xx,o=xxxx" -w password -v

Then I get the error:
ldap_bind: Can't contact ldap server

Any obvious mistakes here? I can browse the ldap server with a 3rd
party ldap explorer JXplorer.