The time on a secondary server is 15 minutes ahead of the Single server in
the Tree.
They both are nw6sp5.
I tried to unload timesync on the secondary server but it seems like it is
hung up. A Console prompt did not come back. The timesync debug screen says
'timesync exited'.
I was going to unload timesynce and reload timesync to see if that corrected
the problem. If not, next try setting the time on the console.
Can the time be adjusted back?
I have adjusted it forward on other occasions on other servers.

This all came about because I wanted to reset a user's password using
NWadmn32 and it would not save any changes to the user account. The error
indicated the server was not in sync.
Anyway, I can't get a console prompt back. I will wait to see if the prompt
comes back at the end of the day, when the users logoff and the activity on
the server slows down. Otherwise, I will restart the server.
Any other ideas would be appreciated.