I've seen this before and it is almost always a timing issue. DS tries to
initialize when the server is not ready for it yet. Try adding the line LOAD
DS at the end of autoexec.ncf or built in a delay by putting a question mark
in front of a load line, for example:
? load DUMMY.NLM, will pause 10 seconds.
This pause preferably should be after the network load commands and before
the NICI/PKI load commands.

Good luck,

Peter vd Woude
Novell Support Forums SysOp

> No, there aren't any errors, it just seems asleep, like you say.
> As for the errors on the client side, they either login without connecting
> to any network drives or resources or they get another message that I
> can't seem to recall right now though. I just started at this company &
> noticed it last week.
> Mike
> "Marcel Cox" <cimetmc@myrealbox.com> wrote in message
> news:IV4ef.54$Re7.30@janeway.provo.novell.com...
>> Are there any errors reported by DSREPAIR, or is your NDS just "asleep"
>> after a restart and dSREPAIR kicks it to wake it up?
>> Also, when the clients cannot connect to the server, what kind of error
>> are they getting?
>> --
>> Marcel Cox (using XanaNews