I'm guessing I've got either an unstable SCSI controller or an unstable
drive issue which is intermittently making a volume (my GW 6 domain/po)
inaccessible until the server is restarted. - Any heavy drive activity is a
near definite restart initiator with a drive deactivation message displayed
on the console.

I built a replacement server and want to move the db from the troubled
volume to a volume on this replacement. However, any time I try to copy
them over using a workstation with mappings to both... POOF! - The drive on
the unstable system goes "inaccessible" in the middle of copying and I have
to restart the problem server and then restart the copy process at the

Anyone have any ideas/tips/suggestions on how I can go about getting a
reliable copy made (short of massive hardware changes)??

Many thanks,